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Early Years Foundation Stage

EYFS- Early Years Foundation Stage PRE-FOUNDATION, FS1 AND FS2

Curriculum The early years program for children at AIS is called the Early Years Foundation Stage. It is designed to prepare children to begin the Cambridge Primary Curriculum, which begins in Key Stage 1 (Year One). In the Foundation Stage students are using the Cambridge Primary Hodder Science, English and Math – Foundation stage books. Many different, extra beneficial resources are also used including Jolly phonics, Inspire science, Wonders and MyMath.

The EYFS seeks to provide quality and consistency, a secure foundation, partnership between parents and educators and equal opportunities. The child’s progress is closely monitored and assessed against appropriate performance standards. Children are encouraged and given the opportunities to reach their full potential in all subjects. There are 3 main characteristics of Effective Learning; Engagement (Playing & Exploring), Motivation (Active Learning) and Thinking (Creating & Thinking Critically).

Focused on ‘Growth mindset’ and whole child development, special attention is given to Personal, Emotional and Social development that children need to interact efficiently in a complex and changing world. Children in the Foundation Stage are introduced to foundations in Reading, Writing, Science, Literacy and Mathematics which are all supported by a positive and stimulating learning environment. AIS supports children’s learning through interactive smart boards and reading corners in each classroom, a well-equipped library, a strong Jolly phonics program which has proven to ease the learning process of teaching English in terms of reading, writing, speaking and phonics etc. All children have direct access to sand & water play and roleplay activities directly outside their classroom. Hands-on learning is the key focus on a daily basis in the EYFS. Children learn best when they actively participate in the learning process.

By the end of FS2, all students would have reached the Early Learning Goals necessary to transition into Year One. Children will have developed social & leadership skills and a love for learning, as well as be able to read and write, and use simple mathematics at a level appropriate for their academic level or beyond. They would have also gained a significantly improved understanding of the world through the subject ‘Knowledge and Understanding the world’ and also be introduced to Foreign languages such as French and German from FS2 and onwards.

The overall educational experience is enriched with exposure to weekly assemblies as well as theme-based learning to correlate what they have learnt into all subjects. Students will also develop their creative talents in Character building, Art and Music alongside physical development.

Assessment At AIS assessments play an important part in helping parents, teachers and the school recognize children’s progress, understand their needs, and to plan activities to support. Ongoing assessment (also known as formative assessment) is an integral part of the learning and development process at AIS. It involves educators observing children to understand their level of achievement, interests and learning styles, and to then shape learning experiences for each child reflecting those observations. In their interactions with children, educators respond to their own day-to-day observations about children’s progress and observations that parents share. Throughout the year, the children’s progress and development is assessed through a variety of techniques: observation, questioning, discussion and verbal assessments. Assessing knowledge and skills, and monitoring each students’ progress which enables teachers to address issues early and adapt their teaching to students’ needs. Their progress is reported to parents in written form at the end of each term and parents are invited to parent/teacher days at the end of each term or for individual appointments if needed.