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American School

The American curriculum is based on high standards of achievement in all subject areas. This broad and balanced approach is supported by a wide range of co-curricular activities which equip all students with the skills they need for the 21st century.

At El Alsson school, we strive to offer our students a challenging and diverse American education. Facilitated by a caring, professional and specialized staff of teachers, we strive to empower our students to become critical, independent thinkers with the skills to participate dynamically and successfully in an ever-changing global society. At AIS we believe that our school curriculum must include learning experiences that develop the whole child and that all of our students should be active and responsible participants in their own learning.

As clear and critical thinkers with a love of learning and the required knowledge and skills, our students are certain to succeed in their future careers as well rounded, honorable and responsible human beings who contribute positively to society.

A comprehensive view of a school’s curriculum examines the nature and needs of the students, the aspirations of a society, and the role of incorporating experience. When processing the alignment of standards and benchmarks to course content, Advanced Education has considered the underlying philosophical and psychological foundations that define its major curriculum design. We are student-centered.

The curriculum is modeled on a typical American school program and meets leading US academic standards including the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, Literacy and Mathematics, and the Next Generation Science Standards. Our curriculum has been adapted to meet the needs of our student body, made up of Egyptian nationals and children of other nationalities, so that on the firm foundations of the proven system of American education, we have built curriculum, instruction and assessment systems which meet the needs of a wide variety of learners.

Students can transfer smoothly into our American program from other schools locally or abroad. The content and skills students need to successfully complete external standardized tests (e.g. EST, SAT, ACT) are incorporated into our curriculum. Graduating with an American High School Diploma opens the door to universities in many parts of the world, including the UK, US, Europe and Canada, as well as universities in Egypt.

Throughout their learning journey, students are supported in developing critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication and digital citizenship skills, and close attention is given to the social and emotional development of every child. Assessment is continuous and varied, offering students regular feedback and multiple opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and academic growth. Our curriculum is designed to be developmentally appropriate and offers students the opportunity to explore and develop interests and skills in a wide variety of areas through our academic and extra-curricular programs.

El Alsson American school is fully accredited by COGNIA and AIAA.

All students study the following compulsory and elective subjects (subjects vary according to grade):

  1. English Language Arts
  2. Art
  3. Math
  4. Physical Education
  5. Science  (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  6. French/German
  7. Information and Communication Technology
  8. Arabic
  9. Social Sciences (Geography, History)
  10. Religion (Islam or Christianity)
  11. Sociology. Psychology, Business, Economics
  12. Other electives in Grades 10-12.

Many of our students are Egyptian and, therefore, the Arabic we offer for first language speakers is certified by the Ministry of Education and meets the requirements of the Sanawi’ama certificate: students will not encounter any difficulties when they apply to Egyptian Universities. We also provide Arabic as a Second Language for foreigners.